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    back report & other stuff Empty back report & other stuff

    Post by Admin on Fri Feb 05, 2010 12:20 pm

    not a sympathy story---last week before the snow--we had a sunny warmish day--back felt pretty good so i worked on the van blower wiring and piddled in the yard--moved a 5 gal bucket with a big jalapeno plant from the house to the shed--everything seemed fine

    got woke up about 1 am by the most intense nerve sensations -- both knees felt like someone was stabbing me under the knee caps with a hot knife--this shit went on for 5 hrs--even after taking the prescribed meds--did a pill count only to find i was gonna be out over the weekend--big time hassle involving the dr and the pharmacy

    went back to dr monday--this week--changed the meds--come back in 2 wks

    anyway, the new scrip is working much better, although waking up each day is a new adventure, never know what is gonna be acting up--this morning i had a "sprained knee" for about 2 hrs

    guess ya'll are getting snow and stuff up on the north end, eh??

    Spart--we need some more emoticons--i am having trouble finding the right combo for editing the layout

    i really liked the setup on the old board, but that ad business was getting on my nerves

    ya'll let me know what ya like or dislike

    i think this winter is similar to that of 73-74--------i spent that winter in ne mo--we had 2 or 3 months of overcast, cold, snowy, snow packed roads--i worked a truck stop--had a 13 mi drive one way each day--4 to 11 shift--some nites i would drive home on unplowed roads with 6 in to a foot of fresh snow on top of the pack--that was the year of the 1st big gas shortage--it was dangerous at the truck stop from time to time--people made all kinds of threats--some days we were out of gas by the time i got to work

    have a good day :arrow:

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    back report & other stuff Empty Re: back report & other stuff

    Post by spartman on Mon Feb 08, 2010 11:42 am

    What kind you guys want?

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