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    health tip

    Post by Admin on Sat Nov 26, 2011 11:27 am

    warning--long story

    first of all, sometime back, a few months, i came to a place in my life that has no room for negativity, which is why i wasn't sharing any health issues

    so the story goes as follows

    around the spring time i messed up my left arm and shoulder--i knew i hurt it but didn't realize how bad--just had a bunch to do and powered on thru it with linament and various otc pain meds--i have a professional massage thing--heavy duty and 2 speeds--it takes a little creativeness to get to some spots on your own self, but i managed -- over the course of a couple of months, i got the stuff worked down out of my neck--things felt better, not great, but better-- i kept up with the self massage, looking for sore spots and digging them out(started studying pressure points and stuff)

    about the first of november i got some kinda bug, it was hard to shake, just now really feel like it's gone--fever, cough, night sweats--then my entire left shoulder and upper arm go into the really painful thing--wake up in the night and it is burning--gets to where i can't even reach my right arm pit with the deodorant stick--Julie has the massage guy out--it helps some, but over all i still feel like death warmed over--also during this time i am freezing even though it's eighty outside--wtf

    so i start doing some more online research into shoulder ailments and come to the conclusion that it is what is called a frozen shoulder--while doing this i came across the article in the following link--we have some multi vits that have a good amount of magnesium in them and i have been dosing daily along with self massage--it is beginning to get better


    not too distant in the past, i might have asked for an end to the suffering,now i have decided that it's all for a reason, this earthly body is only a phase in the soul's travels--well that's another story--lol

    be safe

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    Re: health tip

    Post by hardtailjohn on Sat Nov 26, 2011 7:38 pm

    Glad you're gettin' it sorted out. I still say that they cook/purify most of any good out of the foods we get anymore. I can fit in alot of those parameters, so am gonna take a look at things a bit more closely.
    Quite a few years ago, I was having awful pain in my arms, mostly elbows. I was ready to go in and have tennis elbow surgery on both elbows, but wound up heading to an "herbologist" for something else, and while there asked him about the pain. He did some tests and found out that I'm allergic to pork. He claims that it's the very worst meat that you can eat, and that most people are actually allergic to it... I dunno, but when I quit it, and took a bunch of tinctures that he gave me, the pain eased off. Now, if I have a hamburger that someone cooks on a grille that had bacon cooked on it, I can feel it within a day.
    Amazing what our body can tell us when we listen!

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