more and faster


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    more and faster

    Post by Admin on Thu Mar 15, 2012 7:58 am

    or that behind her???

    either way, and borrowing from HTJ's siggy--that's how it seems

    and to top it off the snakes are out

    i hadn't been in the yard 1/2 hr when i had a head on with a snake--i considered leaving it be--some snakes are good--this one just looked too much like a copperhead---i didn't have my readers handy and decided to err on "my" safe side--so the snake had a short span on this earth

    have still managed to get new gas line, filters, shut-offs, spark plugs(where needed), 1 carb kit job, 2 gas tank removal and flushes, oil changes(2) and 6 outta 9 blades sharpened---and a dbl set of bearings on a main deck spindle--this all takes place on 2 riders and 3 walkers

    still have the tiller to do today and put a new deck belt on the big rider--it parted last nite

    2 things i am sold on---gas stabilizer and store brand octane booster---lucas fuel treatment gets high marks from me also

    the rain interrupted the trailer wiring and then the hot weather made the yard equipment a priority

    John--i have not forgotten--i could not find the box u sent me with the address on it Embarassed but now have it ready to go to the mail store--good thing i ain't in the donor organ shipping biz

    spart--sorry no chat time--later when it gets too hot to be outdoors--and it will--promise Twisted Evil

    clay---u been to the range yet???

    cj--how's the truck coming together???

    jb--where da fuk r u?????

    so it looks like painting,fencing, tree trimming, roofing, wiring, insulating and plumbing are on the next priority list, followed by 3 engine swaps, 1 ac compressor & windshield wiper delay pump/board(actually first after the yard and some tilling)---and misc. other things --crap--i need a job

    oh and i enclosed an old 2 tier cart from a ancient metal fab factory for the wire welder(inside) and the old hitachi 15 in miter saw on top--hinged doors and all--used the skin off an old water heater i had saved for several years

    the trailer wiring got a little involved due to my anal nature and design--i ran old garden hose for my conduit--had to drill 3/16 holes all down the passenger side for the wire tie hangers--fishing wire or pulling wire thru any pipe type object is hard work no matter what u use---i didn't want wires crossing under the trailer so each side got it's own set--markers, brakes and all--still gotta get those 3 little markers for the rear being's it is 102 wide--not gonna be easy to place them due to the ramp set up--thinking some of those led bullets--only need 3 red dot to be legal

    i wonder if i'll ever get to tinker on the motorcycle---me thinks about the first time i say fukitol--time 4 a break

    be safe

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    Re: more and faster

    Post by hardtailjohn on Thu Mar 15, 2012 10:24 am

    Amazing how busy a guy can get...then more shit gets stacked on. hahah
    I'm just glad I don't have to deal with the damned snakes...that'd be the breaking point with this kid!!!!! affraid I'd rather have the cold!
    Hang in there JD...

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    Re: more and faster

    Post by spartman on Thu Mar 15, 2012 10:20 pm

    That reminds me I gotta get my mower going again, or find another one.

    I am NOT gonna do this yard with a push mower. Screw that shit.

    Gotta get it loaded up and taken to a welder and have some of the deck welded back up on it.

    Basically spend more money.

    Did get a camera working on the chicken coop so if ya wanna see the inside of the coop go here:


    Weather is supposed to be real nice this weekend, supposed to clean out the old cougar and get it ready to sell/junk.

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    Re: more and faster

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