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    Post by willowbilly3 on Mon Apr 09, 2012 10:44 pm

    I doubt if anyone loves a good cut of prime rib, bar-b-q, brisket or New York strip as much as I do. But the last couple years I've been more and more aware of what it takes to get that cut of beef. Unless you raise your own or buy some grass fat organic beef it goes like this. To start with, most ranchers would use any kind of chemical that didn't kill the human dead on the spot. This I know from a lifetime of seeing nasty stuff like Warbex and Cooper-tox slathered on the cattle. Then the vaccinations begin. I don't even know what all they get now but by the time a calf is weaned he has had a pretty straight regimen of the best the vaccine companies have to offer, something on the order of 15-20 different vaccines. Then he goes to the feedlot and just so he can survive in a 200x200 pen with 1000 other animals all standing knee deep in their own poo, they have to get antibiotics in their feed and don't forget the growth hormones. Then feed them on genetically engineered corn until they are obese, like a 400# 18 year old kid. And keep in mind the corn farmers don't till the ground anymore, it's better farming with more chemicals to control weeds and bugs. So every time you flop a lip over a gut bomb at Micky-Ds, you are getting all the residue from this wonderful concoction of chemicals and drugs that have been in the animals and in their feed.
    And we wonder why there are more and more obese people and cancel and things immune to antibiotics.

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    Re: Beef

    Post by Admin on Tue Apr 10, 2012 12:41 am

    spot on study and then all the trickle down effects

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    Re: Beef

    Post by hardtailjohn on Tue Apr 10, 2012 2:32 pm

    Yep...if I had to eat store bought beef, I think I'd be a vegatarian! haha
    We keep our vaccinations down to a very minimum. State says all heifers that are to be bred are to be vaccinated for Brucellosis, and other than that, we do hit 'em with a "3 way" at branding time, but that's it, unless we have a sick one. None of the "Ralgro" or any of that crap... the only other thing we do is a "fly tag" and that's bad enough.
    The grain is so polluted by the time they get to eat it anymore, that it's scary! The old timers think ya have to fatten them on corn or barley to get them tender, but that's been proven to be BS. The last one we had was grass fat, and fresh off the range and it was awesome!

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    Re: Beef

    Post by spartman on Tue Apr 10, 2012 10:56 pm

    I so miss raising cattle. Had no idea we were ahead of the curve when we raised cattle.
    In the fall we would buy calves and raise them in a large pen and fed them hay, ground hay, silage, and corn.

    The corn was only 4 pails a day for about 20 or so head.

    The only things they got treated with were warbex or ivomec for the flys, or if they were sick. No other shots were given.

    Then in the spring they were kicked out to the pasture for the summer.

    About a month or so before they were to be sold we would feed them some corn to fatten em up but that was it.

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    Re: Beef

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