Time to shit, get off the pot or blow the damned thing up?


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    Time to shit, get off the pot or blow the damned thing up?

    Post by spartman on Thu Oct 11, 2012 12:37 pm

    Took this week off to work on my 80 chevy pickup.

    Been slowly trying to fix it up and get it back to 4x4 operation.

    This week involved switching the rear axle from the 2.76 it has in it to a 3.73 setup I had gotten off of a 87-88 burb.

    Have the front already changed,but had been pissing round on changin the rear cause the truck needed the springs changed too and I know thats a major pain in the ass to do.

    Since I waited so long I simply chose to switch axles.

    Weeeeelll, got the axles switched pretty quickly and easily enough, but ran into the following issues:

    Rear brake drums had rusted from setting, got one loose and repaired using the old axles setup.
    Rear emergency cables were different, no problem, just switch the cables, had one done.
    Yolk on the rear was diff size than yolk on driveshaft, have to get diff ujoint.

    Ok here is where the fun really starts, the drivers side drum was so friggen rusted on that I couldnt get it off. Got it loose and could get it to wiggle, but she was held on firm to the top of the brakes.

    Was trying to use BFH to convince drum to come off, but head of BFH simply broke off.

    Also the rear end gear seems quite sloppy, could turn the pinion a good 1/8 to almost a 1/4 of a turn before something would move, this worries me.

    SOOOOOOOOOOOO I wound up switching back the rear axle to the 2.76's and am now gonna put it back in its spot.

    Still dont have 4x4 and with this axle it makes me question the tranny I got with them.

    Im seriously thinking Ive got a Friday pickup and am using some more friday pickup parts on it.

    Should I just push on, or should I strip the thing keep the new GM 350 and the decent tranny and sell off the rest or what?

    Right now I think I should have worked on the old 67, would have probably made more headway......

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    Re: Time to shit, get off the pot or blow the damned thing up?

    Post by willowbilly3 on Thu Oct 11, 2012 1:32 pm

    Those chevy drums can be a real pain in the ass. Seems like they wear a lip worse than most. Sometimes you have to knock out the plug in the drum to get at the adjuster, or the backing plate needs knocked out but it really isn't an easy knock out. Then you have to bend a welding rod to hold the self adjuster off the adjuster wheel so you can back it off. That is if the adjuster screws aren't rusted up.
    That much slack would worry me too. If the pinion has been walking that much, the gears can't be too good.

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