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    ah--another friday---they used to mean so much more, in times of yore--good old eagle shits friday--but, alas, no eagles fly over my space -- when i first moved to big d, fridays were a whole lot o fun--the whole crew--all 6 or 7 of us--4 of them family and 2 or 3 of the rest of us--cash the checks at the liquor store and then slide on in to one of our 3 favorite titty bars--greenville & lovers lane area--back then (1980) that area was the happening spot to live and play--women everywhere--apartment complexes galore--aids was just getting a hold on things, but it was still wide open season--and most of the chickies weren't too bashful -- jello shots in barber chairs--dollar longnecks--kellers drive ins--there were 3 back then--we went to the northwest hiway location cuz it was right around the corner from the skillman & abrams apts we lived in--even the grocery stores were known hook up spots--the tom thumb up the road was notorious for 3 am shopping for a date after the bars had kicked everyone out--sometimes the whole apt complex would throw down and party all weekend--came home one late night and there was a nekkid girl conked out on the living room floor--had a turkey feather stickin' out of her butt--we laughed so hard we cried--still makes me grin just to remember--sadly most of those guys are gone now-but the memories are good--we worked hard--played harder and none of us really expected to see 40, let alone 50 or 60--the motto was from commander cody--1 thing we hadn't done was have too much fun--all my peeps were grove rats--i had met them from working in vail and the boss man offered me all the work i could stand if i would move to Dallas--we were building the "super stores"for kroger--getting paid for assembling tinker toys was a new world for me--there were still lots of woods and fields of grain and or hay inside the dallas city limits back then--u had to drive thru farmland to get to some parts of richardson and plano was still damn near to oklahoma and not much to brag about--lbj was just nearly finished and dfw airport still had the new smell--we were working in waxahachie--there was a sign on the hiway stating it was a step back in time--it sure was compared to the city--now it's just more of the metroplex

    life is a amusement park, sometimes the wait in line seems forever-- i lived in my car for about 3 months--slept out by the power plant on white rock lake--then my boss let me crash in the office in mesquite--got showers up the road at the t&a truck stop--met some people that had a band and a beautiful daughter

    ok--that's enuff

    enjoy the trip


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    Turkey feather.....hahaha!!! Love it!!!
    It's a shame the world is in the shape it's in.... goes to show, a little bit of "head in the sand" can go a long ways towards screwing things up!

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