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    Post by Admin on Sat May 04, 2013 6:35 pm

    referring to the cosmic thing----i can say for sure there is something afoot---haven't been on line a whole lot--all is well--maybe better than well--mostly---most days fly by like never before, with the occasional complete stoppage of time for what seems like hours, then it is made up in a blink of the eye--don't ask me--i am only relating the happening--hope all is well with everyone---the only for sure thing i know is there is a better world/life very near for the planet/galaxy -- there was a lot of stuff written in the books that got thru as truth that is truth--a lot more was/has been hogwash--i don't watch or listen to the news or the political circus--in the final rinse none will matter---it's even gotten real hard to get my goat anymore(much relief)--got to say that there aren't any drugs that can give this feeling--it is what it is---oh, there are still daily challenges and attacks from the dark side, but i thank them and send them on---i don't have all those things and all that money, but what i have will more than suffice--seems my "job" is to pass this kind of message on so that it can be had by others

    be good


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