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    Post by Admin on Sat Nov 09, 2013 9:58 am

    changing of the guard -- he says he is not retiring, only will not be a driver any longer--- that leaves bobby labonte as the last of the class, from my viewpoint---so now the young whippersnapper jeff gordon will be the grandpa of the garage scene

    sports (and life) evolution is a good study from time to time

    i was telling the mrs last night how i think the nba should raise the goal from 10 ft to 12 or 13 ft to put some game back in the sport--like the progressive weight transfer at pulling events

    it's like the school grading system, or any contest--excepting the special olympics-- if everyone throws a ringer with each shot, then it's time to lengthen the course, make the pin smaller or use a smaller shoe--or all 3

    speaking of changing--HD is now offering a 500 and a 750 water cooled v-twin--so my 83 honda is suddenly back near the head of the class

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