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    Post by Admin on Sun Apr 13, 2014 12:50 am

    well, the early 70's craftsman 11 hp gave up--oughta get more than 40 some year and who knows how many hours on the engine--those dang riders are selling at rich man's prices--may be time for some goats or sheep--ain't got room for a cow--or the dog training--my bad--or maybe good dogs--yeah, that's what i'm goin' with--dang good dogs

    HTJ--you need a donkey or 3 in ur pasture--those sumbitches will stomp any canine lookin' thing in a heartbeat--and i mean vicious--saw it once--kinda made me puke a little bit--like watchin' a really bad beat down when u knew u were outnumbered (and out-gunned)

    other than that, things are as they should be---riding the storm out --"is that all ya got"  what it is 301330 

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