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    Been busy Empty Been busy

    Post by 71ford100 on Sun May 11, 2014 4:11 pm

    I have been busy busy busy haven't been on here! It's a balmy 34 and snowing outside today. I lost my job in Wheatland a month ago (thank god) and had four companies recruit me hot and heavy. I am now in Greeley as an operations manager for Crop Production Services. The wheatland deal is Karma is a bitch deal. guy wanted me to screw over customers and lie to them and there just is no way in hell I am going to do that so he looks good to people. I've had phone calls every week from customers about "that damn asshole" they now get to deal with.

    Anyways if you didn't see on Facebook I did go to the auction in Tribune in late March and bought 3 Molines, a MM plow, and a Massey Harris Corn binder that has been in a shed all its life. I just got back from looking at a tractor today and we will see if we get it bought. Hope everyone is doing well!

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    Post by Admin on Wed May 14, 2014 7:57 am

    hang in there bubba--good morals always win!!

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