Beer Butt Turkey

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    Beer Butt Turkey

    Post by CJ,s 67 F100 on Sun Jan 30, 2011 9:35 am

    Over the years I have tried Smoked Turkey, Fried Turkey, Turkey jerky and most all of them
    Then we were at the deer lease getting ready to smoke a turkey and our lite came on (beer was involved)
    We love smoked beer butt chicken so why not Beer Butt Turkey
    Here it is, same as our beer butt chicken
    One turkey' thawed out
    Trim the fat off its @$$ and violate it with a Tall boy ( short beer won't hold the turkey up)
    Don't drink half of the beer, thats what the other 5 are for
    Lay it down, Spread its legs out and rub it down with olive oil, front and back.
    Sprinkle Lowry's and garlic powder to taste (we like a lot)
    Stand it up in the Smoker at let it cook. Its stands up good on the beer and spread legs
    Don't remeber how long (Beer was involved) 6-8 hours I think
    When you can pull a leg bone out and the turkey stays in its done
    200-250deg. We keep the water pan full and we use Mesquite as we have a never ending supply of it
    With this recipe the skin is dark golden crispy, yummy good and the turkey falls off the bone
    Wish I had one right now. LOL

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