home made octane booster


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    home made octane booster

    Post by Admin on Sun Feb 27, 2011 6:25 pm


    Obtain your supplies from a hardware store. The Synthetic 2-cycle oil may have to be obtained at an auto parts store, but I have found it in the lawn & garden section of most hardware stores. The acetone, and xylene are both paint thinners, so they are in the paint section. Xylene is a component already added to gasoline for stability, and acetone cleans build up and breaks down the covalent bonds in petrol. The 2-cycle oil helps upper end lubrication of the engine, and stabilized burn a little also.

    The mix ratio is 2:1:1 acetone/xylene/oil, respectively. For ease of mixing use the half pint container, plastic, cleaned out of original contents of course, and fill it with acetone pour with funnel into the quart container(oil bottles are perfect), do this twice. Now fill it once with xylene, pour into quart, and again with the 2-cycle synthetic oil. 1/2pint x 4 = Quart of homemade octane booster.

    Add 3oz. of your booster to 10 gallons of ga

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