ford type starter solenoids


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    ford type starter solenoids

    Post by Admin on Sat Mar 05, 2011 3:14 pm

    seems as if the quality has nose dived over the years

    about a yr ago i had some solenoids giving me problems--went to oreilly's and they brought out this metal cannister type and said here ya go--me "how much?"--55.00--i nearly fell over

    well, after some research, it looks like that in order to get a "good" one 35 bux or so is what ya need to spend

    continuous duty seems to be the key

    at this juncture there are several reputable mfgs

    this is the type and brand my buddy with the starter/alternator shop recommends


    sometimes ya just have to grin and bear it--pull out the green stuff and be through with it Sad

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    Re: ford type starter solenoids

    Post by AlleyCat on Sat Mar 05, 2011 8:58 pm

    JD you hit that right on the head. I'd like to add a bit to this if I may. That type of switch is actually a relay. A solenoid, when energized, performs a mechanical function such as engaging a starter or popping an injector whereas a relay uses a small amperage to control a large amperage. American made Cole - Hersee is still, IMHO, the cat's hindquarters when it comes to electrical components. For anything that may be exposed to weather look for products that are rated as marine grade and Coast Guard Approved. Why? The answer is a no brainer really. Our friends in the Coast Guard spend most of their time in salt water, which, of course, eats everything. If they approve it then it has to be quality stuff.

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