oil in water or water in the oil


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    oil in water or water in the oil

    Post by Admin on Sat Mar 05, 2011 3:18 pm

    thanks AC

    To get that oil out of the cooling system go get a box of Cascade or other dish washer soap. The gel stuff will work too. Drain the antifreeze and close the petcock. If you're using the dry stuff mix about a half a box into a gallon of hot water, dump it into the rad then fill it with water. If you're using gel dump about half the jug into the rad then fill with water. Start it and let it run at least 30 minutes or so. Yes you can drive it but keep an eye on the temp. After it runs for the half hour or more shut it down, drain the rad and repeat the process with the rest of the dish soap. After that run a round of straight water thru it to remove the soap residue then refill with antifreeze. I've cleaned up many diesels this way and it works great.

    If your antifreeze still looks like antifreeze with oil floating on top you can save it thereby saving some coins. First let it sit a couple hours until all of the oil floats to the top. Next loosely wad up some paper towels then lightly drag them across the surface of the antifreeze. This takes some practice but I've saved a lot of antifreeze with it. The average big truck holds 12 - 14 gallons of coolant.

    On larger engines use a whole box or jug of dish soap for each flush.

    If you get one that is really loaded with oil because some idjit had problems that they chose to ignore such as a failed oil cooler bundle that ran for months then you gotta get extreme. Drain out the glop, fill the rad with kerosene then crank it up and let it run. Try to keep the rpm up to around the 12 - 1500 range. Also watch the temp. The kero won't hurt anything and it will cut the crud. You may have to do a couple rounds then go dish soap, then water and finally refill with antifreeze.

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