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    19.2 trimmer Empty 19.2 trimmer

    Post by Admin on Thu Jun 19, 2014 1:06 pm

    mama got me a craftsman 19.2 volt line trimmer--came with the lithium ion battery--i have been using the 19.2 tools for 8 yrs or so--bought a kit way back when, then added an impact driver for metal framing job--got down to 1 good battery, so the new addition breathes life back into the kit--1/2 inch drill motor, recip saw, circ saw, right angle drill, jig saw, 2 3/8's drill motors and a flash light.

    this new lithium battery will power the trimmer for more than i want to do in 1 go

    gonna add the little chainsaw they have for 59 bux when the time is right


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