where does it go??


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    where does it go??

    Post by Admin on Sun Feb 24, 2013 2:03 am

    time--is flying by---been busy as the proverbial 1 armed 1 legged ass kickin paper hanger--seems as if the motor home trade fizzled--no biggie--i kind am kinda fond of my old trailer anyway--trimming trees--wrenchin'--bringing stuff home from the old place in town--family has grown by 1 kid and his dog--this has been an adventure--it is working out good--been cold and wet, grass is shooting up--ran the rider a bit today--finally got around to fixing the leaky washing machine--bad pump, scavenged a replacement, now to get a set of fresh balance springs--of course, this meant tangling with some really shoddy flooring by the previous owner(s)--was out of level 3 different directions-sheesh---

    be good

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