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    Post by spartman on Wed Sep 23, 2015 8:50 pm

    Since its getting down to the time where I need to shit or get off the pot I need to make a decision on a couple of my projects.

    Here is what I have now.

    I have a 1980 chevy 1/2 4x4 that has a new GM 350 motor in it, new front springs, and needing the rears replaced, which I have. It also needs to have the 4x4 tranny (auto) and transfer case put back in.

    It also will need 4 new tires before being put on the road and possibly a door.

    I have all the parts needed just dont have them done just yet.

    I also have a 92 Suburban that has around 200,000 on it, but the engine and tranny seem good yet. The body on it is pretty much rust free, but the interior will need some work. The drivers seat will need to be replaced, and the door trims will need work.

    I had gotten it from my brother in law for free for parts.

    It also has an issue with either the front brake dragging or something similar. Also will need to have the key switch put back into the column, (idiot brother in law fix).

    It will need new tires as well.

    Ok here is what Im wondering:

    Should I fix both and go possibly sell one or both, or should I fix one and junk the other?

    Is the burb worth saving more than the truck or vice versa?

    Wife is getting tired of looking at them and I would really like to get one going and on the road for the winter.

    I did consider taking the gm motor out of the 80 pickup and either putting it in the burb right away or just setting it aside for when the burb motor went boom.

    I do have pics of both vehicles if you want to see them.

    Can ya guys help me out here?


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